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Bernoulli Brew Werks partners with the local Memphis community by providing home brewing support with raw ingredients, equipment, and process design.  98+ Hops, 125+ yeasts, 54+ grains and 109+ brew kits are available to choose from.    

Brew any beer or wine at home with any and all levels of equipment—from pre-made extract kits, BIAB (brew in a bag) to do it yourself all-grain recipes. If you’re in need of raw ingredients, equipment or the know how, we’re here to help!  Find our shop details here.  Bernoulli Beer Kits, Cider Kits, Wine kits and an expanded selection of equipment are also now available!


Store Hours

Monday 6pm-9pm

Tuesday 6pm-9pm

Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Thursday 5pm-9pm

Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-4pm

Who are we?

Engineers, professionals....and above all else home brewers.  We love the social atmosphere of home brewing and we enjoy supporting the local community through charity events and local festivals.  We hope to meet and get to know you and we plan to set the bar in local brewing supplies.  "Engineering the Perfect Brew" is our goal and we will have fun along the way!  Open since March 2014.

Who is Bernoulli?

Daniel Bernoulli FRS (/bərˈnli/; Swiss [bɛʁˈnʊli];[1] 8 February 1700 – 17 March 1782) was a Swiss mathematician and physicist and was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family. He is particularly remembered for his applications of mathematics to mechanics, especially fluid mechanics, and for his pioneering work in probability and statistics. His name is commemorated in the Bernoulli principle, a particular example of the conservation of energy, which describes the mathematics of the mechanism underlying the operation of two important technologies of the 20th century: the carburetor and the airplane wing.

Customer Reviews

Square Reviews (actual customer posts below)

"Love Bernoulli! Knowledgeable people people and great service!"

"Love Bernoulli's and everything about it!"

"Always a pleasure to do business with you... Always very helpful! Thanks!!!"

"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Excellent selection of in stock and fresh ingredients."

"Just a fantastic place to visit, talk and shop. Thanks"

"Thank you for staying open late for a $4 sale. That's service that you just don't find very often."

"Great staff, great pricing, awesome selection! So helpful and patient! Thanks a ton!!!!"

"Always a great time! We drive an hour to get here, but it's worth it every time!!"

Facebook 5 STAR Rating (actual customer posts below)

"What a wonderful gem of a place! Thanks so much for hooking me up with the necessary essentials for my relocation to Alaska!!!! So grateful!!!!"

"All of you guys were super-helpful today and I look forward to brewing many batches of great beer. Welcome addition to Memphis."

"Best bunch of folks you can find to help you with your home brewing needs whether you are a newbie or seasoned veteran! See for yourselves..."

"Great little brew shop. Had exactly what I needed and sealed the grain in a plastic bag for freshness. Pretty cool."

Google 5 STAR Rating (Actual customer posts below)

"This place is an absolute pleasure to visit. So organized!! Sometimes I go in just to revel in the sheer order of it all. It's an OCDream. They have everything. Customer service is awesome. Go here if you want to brew beer."

"Great local business. Very friendly, knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you may have. Don't shop anywhere else for your brewing supplies."

"I've always received great customer service from the staff. These guys truly have a passion about brewing beer. Great selection and quality products. I highly recommend them!"

Yelp 5 STAR Rating (Actual customer posts below)

"We've been here a couple times since Christmas (when I gave D a home brew kit), and everyone we've interacted with has been friendly and helpful. The store is well-stocked, well-organized and very clean. I would highly recommend this store to anyone who needs home-brewing supplies or advice."

"Beautiful, immaculately clean and organized brew shop with unbeatable selection and friendly staff. Hands down the best brew shop in Memphis and probably the mid-south."

"This is one of the best brew stores I've ever been to! Everyone who works there is super nice and helpful. They have a great selection and if there's something you want and they don't have it in they will order it right away. And they usually have some home brew samples on hand to share. Great place to hang out, talk beer and get what you need for your next brew!"

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