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Bernoulli Brew Werks partners with the local Memphis community by providing home brewing support with raw ingredients, equipment, and process design.  98+ Hops, 125+ yeasts, 54+ grains and 109+ brew kits are available to choose from.    

Brew any beer or wine at home with any and all levels of equipment—from pre-made extract kits, BIAB (brew in a bag) to do it yourself all-grain recipes. If you’re in need of raw ingredients, equipment or the know how, we’re here to help!  Find our shop details here.  Bernoulli Beer Kits, Cider Kits, Wine kits and an expanded selection of equipment are also now available!


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Monday 6pm-9pm

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Wednesday 6pm-9pm

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Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-4pm


We have most everything you need to start brewing concentrate and extract, BIAB and all-grain brewing beers, ciders and wines.  We cover equipment needs for cleaning, mashing, boiling, fermenting, plumbing, bottling, kegging and serving.    Most everything we have is listed below.  If we don't have it we can get it, email us at if you have questions or want to place a special order.  New gear is added all of the time!  If you are not sure what you need, check out our Helpful Links page on various types of brewing and the equipment needed.  We will also help you with everything you need to build a kegerator, we have most of what you need to build one and we can order anything we do not have.  With purchases of pots and fittings, Bernoulli will help install these for you for no additional cost so you can have that custom engineered brew gear!  Now selling GRAINFATHER All Grain Brewing System and of course BLINCHMANN BeerGuns!!!


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GRAINFATHER All Grain Brewing System

Brands we can order for you: BLICHMANN and ANVIL.


ANVIL Pot and Burner

1/2Kettle Screen

1/4 to 5/8 Hose Clamp

20 Qt SS Kettle

24" Plastic Spoon

3/8 to 7/8 Hose Clamp

42 Qt SS Kettle

60 Qt SS Kettle

Big Daddy Thermometer

Brewing Thermometer

Camp Chef Outdoor Burner

Cheesecloth 36x36

Digital Scale


Hop Boiling Bag

Jumbo Nylon Course 18x32

Immersion Chiller (locally made)

Muslin Grain Bag 5x28

Nylon Grain bag 8x9

Nylon Hop Bag 6x8

Nylon Straining bag 26x26

Small Course bag 10x23

Small Fine bag 10x23

Stainless Hop Spider (locally made)

Wort Chiller 25' x 3/8"


33 Bottles of Beer

American Sour Beers

Brew Chem 101

Brewing Classic Styles

Cider Book

Clone Brews

Extreme Brewing

For the Love of Hops - The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness and the Culture of Hops

How to Brew Radical Brewing

Home Winemaking

The Brew Masters Bible

The Book of Beer Awesomeness

The Home Brewer's Answer Book

The Joy of Homebrewing

The Joy of Winemaking

Malt - A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse

Water - A Comprehensive Guide

Yeast - The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

Zymurgy Magazines

AHA Memberships with free magazine!


1/2 Bottle Filler

1/2 Bottling Spigot

12 oz Amber bottles case/24

22 oz Amber bottles case/12

3/8 Bottle Filler

375mL Clear Bellissimi Bottles

375mL Clear Renana Bottles

375mL Clear Semi-Bordeaux Bottles

375mL Cobalt Hock Bottles

375mL Green Bellissimi Bottles

38mm Growler Cap

38mm Growler Caps X72

5/16 and 3/8 Bottling Spigot

6.5 gal Bottling Bucket

7.9 gal Bottling Bucket (Wine)

750 ml Amber Wine Bottle (12/Case)

Amber 1/2 galGrowler

Amber PET Bottles Case/24

Blinchmann BeerGun Bottle Filler

Blinchmann BeerGun Accessory Kit

Black Oxy Caps

Blue Oxy Caps

Bordeaux Cobalt 5th Bottles

Bordeaux Frosted 5th Bottles

Bordeaux Red 5th Bottles

Brewers Best Caps

Carbonation Drops

Cider Oxy Caps

Clear 1 gal Jug

Clear 1/2 Gallon Growler

Cold Active Caps

Conditioning tablets

Corn Sugar 1lb

EZ Cap Bottles 16oz (12)

EZ Caps Bottles 1L (12)

Fast Rack Bottle Tray

Fastrack Bottle Rack

Glass Jug 1 Gallon - Clear

Gold Caps by #lb

Gold Oxy Caps

Green Oxy Caps

Grolsh Gasket

Hop Cone Oxy Caps

Italian Bottling Spigot

Italian Bottling Washers

Orange Oxy Caps

PET Caps X 24

Pink Oxy Caps

Priming Sugar 5 oz bags

Red Oxy Caps

Red barron capper

Silver Oxy Caps

Snow Flake Oxy Caps

Spare crimping cup for capper

Super Agata Bench Capper

USA Oxy Caps

White Oxy Caps

Yellow Oxy Caps


1 Mil Filter

1 Mil Filter Kit

1/4" Nylon Tube Brush

3/8" Nylon Tube Brush

45 Bottle Drainer Tree

90 Bottle Drainer Tree

Airlock Brush

Bottle Brush

Bottle Washer

Carboy Brush

Carboy Dryer

Double Blast Bottle Washer

Gallon Jug Brush

Keg Lube

Mini keg Brush

Single Blast Bottle Washer

Spray Bottles


1/2 Auto Siphon Clamp

1/2 Auto Siphon Tip

1/2 Siphon Tube Seal

10 Gallon Plastic Fermenter

10" Nylon funnel W/ F

1000 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

2000 ml E Flask

24" racking tube

3/8 Auto Siphon Clamp

3/8 Racking Tube Tip

30" Racking Tube 3/8

38mm Plastic Screw Cap 1 Gallon Jug

5 Gal Glass Carboy

5" Nylon funnel

5000 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

6 Gal Glass Carboy

6.5 Gal Glass Carboy

6.5 gal Bucket Grommet

6.5 gal Carboy Cap

6.5 gal Fermenting Bucket

7.9 Gallon Wine Fermenter Bucket

8" Nylon funnel W/ F

Anti Splash Funnel W/ F

Auto Siphon Large

Auto Siphon Regular

Better Bottle 3 Gallon Carboy

Better Bottle 5 Gallon Carboy

Better Bottle 6 Gallon Carboy

Better Bottle Drilled Bung

Better Bottle NonDrilled Bung

Branded Carboy Parka - Large

Branded Carboy Parka - Small

Brew Bucket Filter

Brewers Best Beer Making 1 Gal Kit

Brewers Best Beer Making Basic Kit

Brewers Best Beer Making Deluxe Kit

Bucket Clamp

Carboy Handle

Carboy Parka

Carboy Wedge

Demijohn Drilled Bung

Demijohn Undrilled Bung

Diffusion Stone

Drilled Bung 3-6.5 gal

Dual Hydrometer

High Gravity Hydrometer

Dual Scale Thermometer

Fine Filter 8-10"

Flavor Bomb Pack

Glass air lock

Hydrometer Stand 10in

Johnson Controller (temp control)

Lid for 6.5 gal Bucket

Lid for 7.9 Gallon Wine Fermenter Bucket

Magnetic Stir Bar

Magnetic Stir Plate

Mini Auto Siphon

Mixing Stirring Wand

NonDrilled Bung 3-6.5 gal

Nylon Baster

Plastic 6 gal Carboy

Plastic air lock

Ported 3 Gal. Better bottle w/ Racking Spig.

Racking Cane/Tube Screen

Racking tube 30"


Rubber Stopper #6 (drilled)

Rubber Stopper #7 (drilled)

Rubber Stopper #8 (drilled)

SS Brews 7 Gallon SS Fermenter

SS Fermenter 8 Gallon

SS Fermenter 15 Gallon

Sanitary In-line Air

Siphon Kit

Siphon Saver Tip

Speidel 5.3 Gal Fermenter

Speidel 7.9 Gal Fermenter

Spray Wort Aerator

Syphon Hose clamp 1/2

Syphon Hose clamp 5/16

Syphon Tube Holder

The Flavor Bomb

Twin Bubble Airlock

Undrilled 6.5 gal Lid

Univ Carboy Cap

Vinter's Best Wine Making Equipment Kit

Whisper Aeration Pump


10 Gallon False Bottom Complete Kit

10 Gallon Mash Tun

21" SS Spoon

24" Plastic Paddle

5 Gallon False bottom Mash Tun

Cereal Killer Grain Mill

French Mash Whips

Victoria Mill


1" ID X 1.25" OD ft

1/2" ID X 3/4" OD FT High Temp Silicone

1/2" ID x 5/8" OD ft

1/2" Rubber Silicon Oring

1/2" SS Coupling

1/2" SS NPT Locknut

1/4" ID x 3/8" OD ft

19/32 Pinlock AEB and Cornelius Conversion

3 way Ball Valve SS

3/16" Tail Piece Assembly

3/8" ID X 1/2" OD ft

4 1/8" Standard Shank

5/16" ID X 7/16" OD ft

5/16" Tail Piece Assembly

9/16 Pinlock Firestone and Hoover Conversion

Ball Valve 1/2" NPT SS

Jet Bottle Washer Adapter

Pinlock Socket

SS 1/2" x 1/2" Close Nipple

SS 1/2"x1/2" Barbed Fitting


Spanner Faucet Wrench


1 Tap Tower

1/2" Male to Female SS 90 Elbow

1/4" Threaded Tailpiece

1/4" nut by 1/4" Barb

1/4" nut by 5/16" Barb

10"x6" Drip Tray

16 oz CO2 Cartridge

2 Pin Cornelius Fitting

2 Tap Tower

2-Way Gas Manifold

3 Gallon Pinlock Keg

3 Pin Cornelius Fitting

3 Tap Tower

3-Way Gas Manifold

4"x6" Drip Tray

5 Gallon Pinlock Keg

Black Liquid Disconnect w/ 1/4" MFL Ball Lock

Ball Lock Gas Post - for Sanke D-Style

Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect Barbed

Ball Lock Liquid Post - for Sanke D-Style

Ball Valve 1/4 MPTx1/4 B w/Check

Beer Box

Black Tap Handle

Blichmann QuickCarb

CO2 Tank 5lb

CO2 paintball adaptor

Carboy Brew Hauler

Co2 Gas Hose

Cornelius Keg CO2 Charger

Cornelius Keg Lid

Dip Tube O-Ring (Pk of 2)

Draught Line Conversion Kit

Dual Gage Regulator

Faucet Adapter

Faucet Spout Plug

Growler Carrier (locally made)

Growler filler tubes

Keg Tap Adaptor B1/2"

Keg Tap Adaptor P1/2"

O-ring Set Ball Lock Corny Keg

O-ring Set Pin Lock Corny Keg


Perlick Straight Growler Tube

Petrol-Gel (Sanitary)

Pinlock disconnect Gas MLF

Pinlock disconnect Liquid MLF

Poppet Valve

Post O-Ring Set (Pk of 2)

Quick disconnect adaptor

Red Vinyl 5/16" CO2 Gas Line Per Foot

S.S. Sanke Keg Growler

S.S. Stein Handle Growler

SS Y for Regulator

Sanke Keg D Coupler

Standard Beer Faucet - Chrome

Standard faucet coupling nut

White Gas Disconnect w/ 1/4" MFL Ball Lock

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