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Bernoulli Brew Werks partners with the local Memphis community by providing home brewing support with raw ingredients, equipment, and process design.  98+ Hops, 125+ yeasts, 54+ grains and 109+ brew kits are available to choose from.    

Brew any beer or wine at home with any and all levels of equipment—from pre-made extract kits, BIAB (brew in a bag) to do it yourself all-grain recipes. If you’re in need of raw ingredients, equipment or the know how, we’re here to help!  Find our shop details here.  Bernoulli Beer Kits, Cider Kits, Wine kits and an expanded selection of equipment are also now available!


Store Hours

Monday 6pm-9pm

Tuesday 6pm-9pm

Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Thursday 5pm-9pm

Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-4pm


125+ styles of yeast are now available for beer, wine, champagne, cider, mead, etc!  Brewferm, Fermentis, GigaYeast (new), Lallemand, Lalvin, Liquor Quik, Mangrove Jack, Muntons, Red Star, White Labs and Wyeast are all available to choose from, along with the occasional seasonal yeasts.  Most everything we have is listed below and we are always expanding as seasonal yeasts come and go.  We have you covered and if we don't have it we can order it!  Email us at if you have questions or want to place an order.


Belle Saison


Bry-97 West Coast Ale

CBC-1 Bottle Cond.



Alcobase Extreme

MJ Bavarian Wheat M20

MJ Belgian Ale M27

MJ Bohemian Lager

MJ British Ale M07

MJ Burton Ale M79

MJ Cider M02

MJ Newcastle Dark Ale M03

MJ West Coast M44

MJ Workhorse M10


Muntons Ale

Nottingham Ale

Muntons Premium Gold

Safale S-04

Safale US-05

Safbrew Abbaye

Safbrew S-33

Safbrew T-58

Saflager S-23

Super Yeast Express

Turbo Pure X-Press

W-34/70 Lager

WB-06 Wheat

Windsor Ale

GigaYeast WET YEASTS (new)

GY001 Norcal Ale

GY005 Golden Gate lager

GY018 Saison

GY041 British Ale

GY048 Golden Pear Belgian

GY054 Vermont IPA

GB110 Fast Souring Lacto

GB122 Berliner Blend

GB124 Saison Sour


(some of the below yeasts are seasonal)

WLP-001 California Ale

WLP-002 English Ale

WLP-004 Irish Ale

WLP-005 British Ale


WLP-008 East Coast Ale

WLP-013 London Ale

WLP-023 Burton Ale

WLP-028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale

WLP-029 German/Kolsch Ale

WLP-036 Dusseldorf Alt

WLP-041 Pacific Ale

WLP-060 American Ale

WLP-080 Cream Ale

WLP-090 San Diego Super Yeast

WLP-099 Super High Gravity Ale

WLP-300 Hefeweizen

WLP-500 Trappist Ale

WLP-530 Abby Ale

WLP-545 Belgian Strong Ale

WLP-550 Belgian Ale

WLP-568 Belgian Saison

WLP-570 Belgian Golden Ale

WLP-575 Belgian Style Ale

WLP-630 Berliner Weisse

WLP-650 Brett/bruxellensis

WLP-665 Flemish Ale

WLP-670 American Farmhouse

WLP-720 Sweet Mead/Wine

WLP-820 Oktoberfest

WLP-940 Mexican Lager


(some of the below yeasts are seasonal)

1007 - German Ale

1010 - American Wheat

1028 - London Ale

1056 - American Ale

1084 - Irish Ale

1098 - British Ale

1099 - Whitbread Ale

1187 - Ringwood Ale

1203 - Burton IPA Blend

1214 - Belgian Abbey

1217 - West Coast IPA

1272 - American Ale II

1275 - Thames Valley Ale

1318 - London Ale III

1332 - Northwest Ale

1335 - British Ale II

1388 - Belgian Strong Ale

1450 - Denny's Favorite 50

1469 - West Yorkshire Ale

1581 - Belgian Stout

1728 - Scottish Ale

1762 - Belgian Abbey II

1968 - London ESB Ale

2000 - Budvar Lager

2001 - Urquell Lager

2002 - Gambrinus Lager

2005 - Cerveza Lager

2007 - Pilsen Lager

2035 - American Lager

2042 - Danish Lager

2112 -California Lager

2124 - Bohemian Lager

2206 - Bavarian Lager

2278 -Czech Pils

2308 - Munich Lager

2487 - Hella Bock Lager

2565 - Kolsch

2575 - Kolsch II

2633 - Octoberfest Lager Blend

3056 - Bavarian Wheat Blend

3068 - Weihenstephan Weizen

3203 - De Bom Sour Blend

3209 - Oud Bruin Ale Blend

3278 - Belgian Lambic Blend

3333 - German Wheat

3463 - ForbiddenFruit

3522 - Belgian Ardennes

3638 - Bavarian Wheat

3655 - Belgian Schelde Ale

3711 - French Saison

3724 - Belgian Saison

3726 - Farmhouse Ale - PC

3763 - Roeselare Ale Blend

3787 - Trappist High Gravity

3864 - Canadian/Belgian

3942 - Belgian Wheat

3944 - Belgian Witbier

4184 - Sweet Mead

4632 - Dry Mead

4766 - Cider


Beer Nutrient 1.5 Oz

Brettanomyces Bruxellensis

Brettanomyces Lambicus




BM4X4 Wine Yeast (Young Red, Aged Red)

Cote des Blancs Wine Yeast (MS, Rose, Light Young Red, Sparkling))

EC-1118 Lalvin (Dry White, Sweet, Sparkling, Icewine)

ICV-D-47 Wine Yeast (Dry White, MS, Rose)

K1V-1116 Wine Yeast (Dry White, MS, Rose, Light Young Red, Icewine)

Montrachet Wine Yeast (Dry White, Tannic Red)

QA23 Wine Yeast (Dry White)

RC-212 Wine Yeast (Tannic Red, Light Young Red)

Pasteur Champagne Yeast (Dry White, Sparkling, Icewine)

Pasteur Red Wine Yeast (Tannic Red, Light Young Red)

71B-1122 Lalvin (MS, Rose, Light Young Red)

The Bernoulli "Fridge of Ninkasi"

The Bernoulli "Fridge of Ninkasi"

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